Slow Start

Wow... I haven't updated anything in ages, I mean I've just gone round to update my DA Page, my art thread on SD and now this blog ¬_¬ I really haven't been drawing much lately which is bad... I should really be doing animation tests and such... but I'm not feeling it lately, not been feeling the urge to draw either. I mean I saw this competition which was to create an OC, I told myself that I would enter... in the end I didn't heh! I got too lazy.

But to kick-start myself I've fallen in love with a pretty face heh!

So gay for this guy at the moment it's unbelievable, I've dug up quite a few of his films and dramas. But I haven't gotten round to watch these, instead I got inspired to do a digital painting of him. Yup you heard me a digital painting. I have to admit that I did a tracing of his outline before I started, so I technically cheated, here's the trace.

However even with this trace it was still hard to get his face right... I've made him uber feminine LOL! But I can promise you that I did the colouring free hand on Photoshop, so here is my version.

I made him a bit too pale but oh well... 6 1/2 hours I can't be bothered to edit this anymore... too tired heh! And I'm pretty happy with the outcome, now to practice to the point where I don't need to do an outline trace which will take me another 100 years to master heh!

Oh and one final one just to show the comparison so Enjoy n_n