Commission #1

Yush! I was commissioned to do a doll face up, so yer I thought I should post some updates and some not so much a step by step thing, but just the different stages that I had done. Also my first ever commission n_n and I was paid too even though I was offering free ones, the owner was lovely to work for =D

Souldoll Lev - Owned by Santinian

This is how he arrived to me, Santinian had gotten super glue on her boy's face whilst trying to stick an eyelash back on, she she tried to get it off with acetone nail varnish remover, which is a no no because it can melt away the resin. But she was lucky that it didn't do that and instead it had only tinted that area blue.

It's not very visible in this photo, but if you look a bit closer you can see the blue tint around the eye area.

This is the photo of the doll with changed eyebrows, Santinian wanted her boy to have dark blonde eyebrows I originally had given him thin orangy brown ones, but I changed them to her liking, thicker and dark blonde =D

And the final product n_n he's borrowing some eyes and Sil's wig and hat hehehe, but yush I sent him back home today, so hopefully she will love him even more after seeing him in person =D