Doll Meet 19/02/2010

Just a few pictures from the main Inspire Doll Meet we had on Friday, it was pretty fun and my new boy Mito was able to attend his first meet and on the day he was complete n_n the boy also got restrung cause he was a bit loose =D But yush onto the pictures.

Jin meets Mito

If my mind remembers correctly this pretty guy is called Seek

 Mito and Tristan

These two were very cute

For me?

Oooo this isn't good, I think we have a little one whose curious about the cigarette

 This guy is so photogenic 

I think this guy is called Echo... 

Someone seems a bit shy here

Three boys together looking all pretty =D

This made me LOL so much, Ranke looks all professional, everyone said he looked like a professor. This has tempted me into thinking about getting him some glasses.

The owner of the glasses Jin

And one final image, it seems like Jin isn't taking a liking to Ranke, but I think thats also because he's stolen his shorts and was forced to wear Ranke's PJ bottoms =D