Final Animatic

I know I promised to have this up on Monday, but I went to the first showing of the British Animation Awards thingy yesterday which prevented me from uploading anything, it was pretty decent albeit a few random ones that I didn't like so much. And by the time I came home after the showing it was just in time for The Cleveland Show, so yer... n_n;; forgive me.

I am also happy to say that I got a really nice compliment from my tutor when she saw this, she instead of analysing my work actually ended up sitting there and just watching the animatic. Although some of my cuts and film language would not have worked alone, the music actually pulls it through and makes it work so yer n_n I'm all happy, now to just make the final thing look even more amazing, I'm just worried that my final thing will be very stiff as an animation and not look as good as the animatic, which would technically then render me as a useless animator, and unworthy of getting a job. But lets not hope for the worse just yet =D