Look Who Else Got Bodies

Both my twins received their bodies a few days ago and they are looking so cute, in the image it shows not such a great resin match but when you look at it you can't really tell by eye. So yer... 


Oh and yer they're a bit topless at the moment, I will make them t-shirts when I have the time n_n
Alyex [Left] and Calcifer [Right] are my Crobidoll Yeon Ho Twins n_n If you're interested they're on DIM minimee bodies, which are pretty nice, I really like their hands, despite the fact that their bodies are a bit annoying at times, like with standing and sitting, but I can get used to it.

I also received my first girl yesterday

Everybody, meet Xeren, she's a Zaoll Muse.
She also happens to be Mito's other half, well they ain't married but I thought they could be a couple, and they look so sweet together. But man she is light petite well not really petite, but she's a really nice handful to have, and not only that I really like how her body is shaped, I'm a perv for curvy bodies and hips and legs and I also like the fact that her dare I say it breasts aren't huge. She is like perfect in body shape and figure.

But all this has had a downside on me ;_; I'm starting to not like Ranke's size, at times I don't like it at times I don't mind it, I think I will sell his body and make him a bit smaller, I mean he's the only big boy I have being at 70cm. I don't regret getting a 70cm for my first doll, it was a nice experience and all but now that I've had the taste of smaller dolls, my boys are 60cm and Xeren is 50cm I think... but yer I think I'd prefer to have a slightly smaller boy, I could never sell his head, that is the one thing I bonded with the most. But yer the body in which I plan to give him is if I can get my hands on one, a DOT new body type 2, but if I get impatient enough I will settle for just the DOT new body. Ranke is definitely one that I could never sell.