Ok, thought I should warn all you that follow my blog, I've been itching to RP lately and well I don't really want to go onto sites and RP cause it means that people will be waiting on me to respond and I just don't have that much leisure time to do that. So instead I've decided to write up the stories of my BJD characters, I will make up things as I go and my writing is rather crap =D so be prepared to to read a load of it if you're interested.

Oh and another thing I will label the BJD stories so that they pop up on the side, so if you want to read a specific character's story then all you have to do is click on their name on the side and tadaaa, you have their story n_n, sometimes I will interlink the dolls, so stories may jump around a bit. I will try not to do that too often. If I find that it gets a bit too messy then I'll only label them as whoever it is most important to =D

One final note, my bodies are in the UK YAY! They will arrive soon and there will be pictures and updated profiles hopefully. I need to make t-shirts for them once they arrive, seeing as I thought, "Why buy them when I can make them?" So yush, hopefully there will be a massive photo update soon!