Commission #2

I never posted this one up, I got another commission like a month ago. Nothing much to really say about this one, cause what had happened was that on the factory face up they had blushed him so much he ended up with a very thin looking nose. Anyway I know the owner so she offered for me to do this for her =D

Dollzone Wing - Owned by Suvifay

This is the original factory face up, in my photo it doesn't show much of the blushing but he was really over blushed with red.

 This is the faceup I did for this boy, I need to improve on drawing eyebrows, I need to be a bit more daring and do thicker eyebrows. . . but no matter what I do I always end up doing thin ones. . .  
Anyhow Suvifay was happy with the face up despite the fact that he had a few dust specks on him, she didn't mind so much so it was alright n_n