Ranke - 07/03/2010 - That Is Mine

After five hours of wondering the streets, Ranke had decided to wander down the back alley streets. He was certain that he could find somewhere to take shelter for the night, as he turned off into the alley, the atmosphere had started to slowly change. From a rich lively atmosphere, it had turned stale. Quickly Ranke had found a spot to sit in, it was pretty empty in the area that he found himself, he had made sure that he was away from people, as he wasn't too sure himself on what kinds of things that could happen to him. Coming down to the back alleys wasn't the best of ideas, but there was no where else he could go.

The night had brought with it a cold breeze, Ranke had no way of keeping himself warm. He had wrapped his arms round himself in attempt to stop the heat from escaping, as he was starting to slowly drift off Ranke heard foot steps which was followed by a rather loud smashing noise. Unable to sleep, he had gotten curious to what was going on. So he followed the sound, keeping out of sight he had peaked past a corned to only find a man towering over a woman.

"So you thought you could escape?" The man had asked tauntingly. "ANSWER ME!"

Now the man had grabbed the women by the hair and lifted her up.

"Whats up? Cat got your tongue?!"

More laughter could be heard coming from behind the man as he had spoken, Ranke without a doubt knew who and what he was. A slave trader, the government had passed down an agreement allowing slave traders to hunt and capture any Anima that didn't have a master. And by the looks of things the woman was of Cat Anima Heritage.

"If you don't behave lil girl you'll end up with a nasty scar on your face just like Terry over there."

A tall scarred man had wagged his long thin fingers at the girl, in response she had hissed at him and had even clawed at the man that was grabbing her hair. As she had managed to scratch the man he had quickly retracted his arm and swore, he then took out a short sword and was preparing to slash it at the girl. Ranke had at that point ran out and threw himself at the man, landing hard onto the floor the man had growled. Ranke on the other hand had stood up quickly, grabbed the girl by the hand and pulled her behind him running in the direction he had come from. To his surprise he had ran straight into the sword of another slave trader, the new slave trader had bought his sword down on him without warning.

Ranke had crumpled to the floor, causing the cat girl to scream.

"Kid are you alright?!"

The new slave trader had stepped out from the shadows, he was now wiping the blood from his sword.

"How pathetic." He had snarled, "Now you'll have to thank me for this John. I think I'll be taking these kids with me."

"Now come on, I need to earn a living too you know. At least take the dying one and give me back the cat. Afterall I did catch her first."

"Tch! I do your job for you and you still try to bargain with me, what am I ever to do with you John?"