Sisterly Love

I did Xeren's face up last night, I was mainly experimenting with her face seeing as I hadn't done a female's face before, so I used quite a bit of reference for it and just taking the bits I like and putting it onto her face.


So she looked alright after this, but there was one thing bugging me and that was the eyebrows, I have absolutely nothing against ginger people, it's just that it didn't go with her hair so yer, I took the face off this morning and gave her a new one. 

I prefer this face up to the one before, I also remembered to add the freckles, and some beauty marks which kinda matches with Fauna's face up, and whilst I'm on the subject of Fauna, I managed to snag the girl from Panda to reference the markings and taking the opportunity I managed to do a photo shoot with them and I had fairly decent lighting so YAY! The first time in many days that I've managed to get lighting correctly for photos lately. So here are the photos!