Hey guys n_n I have a semi BJD update for you all.

Some of you will know that I'm currently selling my big DOI Luke who used to be Ranke, but no worries I'm bringing him back =D but this post isn't about him, it's more about the twins that I bought home thinking that they would be his younger brothers. However I've had bonding issues, and was considering in whether to sell the twins or not as well. . . but I didn't want to, so instead I decided to re-design them.

So first up is Secco who used to Calcifer n_n he's my lil cute girly bunny boy =D thumbs up for the girly boys n_n but yer it's almost complete just missing bunny ears, as for his older twin brother Recco, he will take a fair bit more work to re-design so for now Secco is just gona have to be lonely and wait for the return of his older brother.