Ranke - 14/05/2010 - Saved

“Now come on Rems,John had started, you're already at the top of the Slave Trade business. Give us small fries a break.”
Rems had Smirked and walked over towards John, as soon as he was close enough he had grabbed John by the collar.

“What makes you think that I'm at the top?,” Rems had started, “to you I may be, but to that government system I'm not. I'm merely at the bottom. I'm not at the top until those bastard rats are eliminated, but guess what? They're never gona be eliminated, why? Because there are losers like you that keep loosing their slaves to them.”

John was in slight shock, he wasn't expecting Rems to be that close up to him. In fact this was the first time that he had seen Rems up close, his green eyes held no emotion.

“Oh,” Rems had started again, “it's Rems to my friends, but Mr. Rems to you.”

John had nodded vigorously, Rems had let go of the man who had now stepped back a little to recollect himself. Suddenly a tutting noise could be heard, Rems had turned immediately towards the sound, he noticed that the two animas were missing and his men were out cold.

“Now now Rems.” A voice had said from the shadows, thats no way to treat your underlings.”

“How nice of you join us Yuke.” Rems had snarled, “well it seems like you have good timing as usual.”

Yuke had stepped out from the shadows, the man was standing tall with a katana in hand. His grey eyes had shone bright like the moon in the dark, two more pairs of eyes had shown themselves in the dark. Rems had gathered that they were his younger twin brothers, Alex and Jiro.

“I see, your whole family is here.” Rems had bowed as he spoke, “I feel honoured that you're all here to greet me. But unfortunately, I must take my leave now.”

Yuke knowing what was to happen next had ran forwards, but just as he had gotten close a smoke bomb had erupted with a spark causing him to shield his eyes. He had snarled at the fact that Rems had gotten away again, whilst containing his anger he had turned to the twins.

“How are they?”
“The girl is fine, but the boy is losing a lot of blood.Alex had responded.
“We should take them to go see Coden, he'll patch them up.” Jiro said playfully.

Ranke had felt a stinging pain across his chest, as he was starting to stir he could hear a murmur of voices.

“...leave the boy to me.”
“How could I?”
“You don't trust me?”
“Mirim, I know what you're like. He's under my care, now go tend to your own patients.”
“But he's so ca-wute...please?”
“I said no. Now leave!
“Ok, ok, ok, no need to shout. Hunny bun I'm coming!”

Ranke had opened his eyes to find a man sighing, he didn't look too pleased, but had gone back to looking at his clipboard. As Ranke had made a notion to move, the man's attention was directed at him.

“Oh you're awake, now don't move too much. Or you'll burst your stitches, but how do you feel?”

How do I feel? Ranke had thought, sore. That was one way to describe it, but instead of voicing his opinion he had kept quiet. Instead he had looked around, he could tell he was at some hospital type place, but yet he wasn't sure. Suddenly it had hit him, the cat girl where was she? Just before Ranke could make a move to get up the man had placed a hand on his shoulder and gently pushed him back into his bed.

“You don't need to worry about her, she's fine.”

He had then pointed to a bed that was diagonal to Ranke's bed, there on top of it was the cat girl. Ranke felt slightly relieved, but now had wondered how the guy knew what he was thinking.

“I can hear people's thoughts, oh let me introduce myself before I forget. My name is Coden, and your name is?”

Coden had waited but there was no response, he had frowned slightly and looked back down at his chart whilst flicking through it.

“Now this is weird, it says here that your vocals are fine, so you can't possibly be a mute.”

Ranke had looked away again, I'm not a mute, I just don't like to speak. What's the point when there is no one to listen to you anyway.

Ah I see.” Coden had responded, at least let me know what you are called, I can't keep calling you boy.”

Ranke Murada

Thank you Ranke.” Coden said as he scribbled it down. “now just rest here, it'll take you a few days for those wounds to heal. It takes longer for a half breed like you.”

How did you know I was a half breed?

Thats because we have several half breeds here, someone will come explain everything to you once you are better, but as said for now just rest and concentrate on getting yourself healed.”

Once Coden had finished checking Ranke's board, he had replaced it at the end of his bed and wondered off to help other patients that were in the room. Ranke really had no choice now but to lie down and rest, there wasn't anything he could now.