Ranke Renewal

Hey Hey!!

I don't know how up to date I have kept you guys, but I'll just repeat myself if I've already said this.
Recently [I say recently but more or less 2 months ago] I sold off my DOI Luke, whom was my first character Ranke. But despite a very lovely boy, very pretty and sweet looking, he was just too big for me to handle. So I sold him off, now because he was my first ever character created in doll form I felt a bit bad for de-shelling him. So in return I got the boy a new shell =D 

A Soom MD Appini.
He is just so uber cutes =3
He has kitty paws for hands and feet, but I will only be keeping the hand paws cause I ain't a fan of the feet, instead I will be replacing them with the Soom Gargoyle feets =D He also has ears too which I'm waiting for one to dry as I type this, needed some glue action on them kekekeke and he has a tail too, despite not being sure of the tail at first I think I will be keeping it now.

When I first bought this Kiddo I wasn't too sure about his face, there was something about it that kinda bugged me, so I was scared that I wouldn't like it and therefore wouldn't bond. But that isn't a problem anymore, cause the face is just adorable. I'm looking forward to working on him soon, and I have decided that it best to make him into an Ethopian Wolf cause of all the red, although those Wolves aren't really like red red, they are the closest and they look like foxes too n_n

But yer this Kiddo will defo be a keeper kekekeke I will work on him sometime this week-ish, probs Tuesday seeing as I will be free that day =D 
One last picture for my stalkers.


  1. he is soooooo cutes! can't wait to meet him XD

  2. Ah thank you cookie n_n, they are indeed very cute paws =D


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