Fresh Air

It's been a while since I last bought my dollies out, I didn't even update when I had Ranke's faceup done. Just shows how busy/lazy I've been =P 

Anyway it's not really fresh air, but hey it beats being stuck in a box, I should really bring out the other two but I think I will leave that for Tuesday, hang on I said other two but I meant three, opps kekekekeke. But then again Toki is still bald so he's waiting for a wig before he comes into the sight of a camera.

So here you have it, Lil Ranke =D 

All done with his face up, I was planning on taking this lil Kiddo with me to Hong Kong, but I just can't bring myself to take him with me. Why? 
Well I won't really have time to take him out and take pictures, and although I was originally planning to go to Dollism 5 this year in Hong Kong, I decided not to go in the end.
I forgot which it is, but either it's the Book Convention or the Anime Convention that is on the same day, so either way books are more important to me then going to the doll convention, specifically manga books and art books @_@ I can't resist, and must not overdo the buying this year.