Man, it's been ages since I last did anything dollie related. So today was actually quite productive for me dollie wise, I ended up doing two face-ups which have been in the planning for the past few months. 

Top : Narvin - Crobidoll Nia
Bottom : NoName - Dream Of Doll Krill
And a bonus picture of me being silly =D

EDIT 05062011:
Didn't want to put this as a new post so I have shoved this here XD
If you're seeing this then yer, not part of the original post, just a doll meme


  1. Nice mask.

    Do you have to wear it because of the MSC?

  2. Yer I do, well I'm not using MSC now, I've changed to using Purity Seal, which is quite nice, but stinks like hell.

  3. Oooooh nice faceups!
    Where did you get your mask from? I'm thinking about getting into faceups myself :)

    Thanks :)

  4. I got the mask off of Amazon, it was pretty decent price of about £10-£15 and keeps your lungs protected n_n


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