Babies On Board

It's actually a lot later then I thought it was, and I was complaining that I was tired too XD What a fool eh?

Anyway, I suppose this blog post is more of a life update kinda thing. I dunno when I first created this blog it was mainly for just my artwork and well it seems like I now want to share the interesting things that go on in my life. I actually tend to write really long e-mails to my friends telling them of my happenings, and when I say long I mean really long, and lately I just haven't been doing that so maybe putting it up on this blog isn't a bad idea. More people to share with kekekeke.

First lets start off with this, last week I went out with Ryal [LINK] into central London. She was down for work experience so yer we met up, we had cookies and dinner together then afterward we went to Trocadero and burnt them off by watching people do DDR =D Awesome eh? Although there was a pretty awesome guy, despite being sweaty he was good. Then when we left Trocadero right outside was a bus and it was just pumping rave music, it was actually pretty awesome, I have a picture and a video.

[Sorry for the blurriness Night = Not very good lighting. Flash = Kills everything in sight]

Then afterward me and Ryal went to Trafalgar Square and went out separate ways after taking tourist shots of night time Trafalgar hahahaha.

So directing your attentions back to the title, Babies on board. I went for an interview on Wednesday for a volunteer position for Fitzrovia Youth Group, very nice people there. But anyway on my way home, er actually yer I won't bother with the other details they weren't that interesting. Back to the point I went to China Town and took the bus home, and whilst I was waiting for the bus I saw this Woman and she had a pram with a baby in it. Obviously nothing out of the ordinary there, but here is where it gets interesting, well for me it was. I had previously seen this woman, not 1 or 2 weeks ago, but 4 weeks ago. Now you don't see people you saw 4 weeks ago again usually, but this time I did. But yer, so I got on the bus and later on the Mother came and sat next to me whilst she was trying to hush the baby and omg was the baby cute or what?! The funniest thing is I fidget when I'm on the bus and the baby was getting all happy and excited over my fingers constantly stacking on top of it each. At this point I just wanted to witness the baby blow a bubble with it's own spit [I say it cause I wasn't sure whether it was a boy or girl]. Whilst I was being entertained by the baby and the baby was being entertained by me something else was happening on the bus, an old lady had gotten on, and she had wanted to sit in the priority OAP area. Although there was a young man there he hadn't hogged all the seats, I mean she could very well have sat next to him. But she made him shift. Although. . . . he didn't shift very far hahaha he just moved to the seat opposite. And she was complaining about how those seats are for the OAP and so on, and that he'll get it coming to him when he's old ¬_¬ 

Grumpy old people annoy me sometimes, I don't like it when they start getting racist on me. So yer. . . that's my opinion. 

Ok so my bus journey ends, and feeling hungry I went to McD. I actually wanted to use their toilets LOL but I was hungry at the same time so I ate there. Whilst I was eating guess who I see there, you guessed it. The mother and the baby =D [I got off before they did] So yer that was my interesting day for you =D 

I have something else to share, now I have only some facts about this. But when Japan attacked China towards the end of erm. . .  World War II 1945, they did manage to take over some areas of China during this period of time and from what I have found out through films and some research, the Japanese soldiers did really terrible things to the citizens. Through Rosy Business: No Regrets a TVB Drama [don't know how true this is so don't take my word for it] I had no idea they had set up camps almost like concentration camps in Germany. And there was a field area where they would execute people called '萬人塚' My apologies I have no idea what it is in English, but approx 14000-16000 bodies [I say bodies, but I really mean sets of skeletons] were found. It was a very terrible ordeal. But what brought this up was because during that time the Japanese also enforced the usage of their money, and after America bombed Japan forcing them to retreat and surrender the money became useless. I think this would have been the period of time that my Great Granddad was around, and well apparently when my Grandma was going through some old cupboards she found a stash of that money. Although worthless I think it in itself has its own value within history, but she shared it out between the family and I managed to take a picture and share =D

So there, just had like a mini history lesson of my ancestors =D I kinda wish I could search further back into my ancestral background, but I doubt much of it was recorded and kept. My families are all really village people, which meant they were poor and not likely to have made records DX

And without ending this on a low note I will share a boredom sketch =D Enjoy and thank you for reading =D