Commission #4

Ooo I haven't had one of these in a while now =P 
I got asked to do a faceup and tattoo for Junnosukebe.

Dollzone Hid White Skin owned by Junnosukebe

I will start with the face up =D 

The boy came to me with his factory faceup, which was very well done. Sometimes I feel bad for taking the factory faceup off, but a commission is still a commission =D

I didn't take a shot where his head was naked hahahaha so we have a big time skip.

This is the finished product, well close to. I don't have a very decent image of the kid with the final faceup, the only thing he is missing in this is the final seal, gloss oh and a few more extra freckles that I added. . .  I think that is starting to become my trademark.

Next up is the tattoo that Junnosukebe asked me to do, she wanted to crow design and gave me an example. In my head I thought yer I can just do a template and just put that on the dolls back. HAH! wrong again Jatzu, in the end I went looking at all sorts of crow tattoos, and designed one based on the ones I saw and presented it to Junnosukebe.

In the end I hand-drew it and hand-painted it, I tried my best not to make brush marks with the tattoo. But I'm pretty happy with the end result, turned out better then I expected =D 

Anyway I hope Junnosukebe likes what I have done n_n


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