Manga Studio

So today after sending my work off to Fitzrovia I started to play around a bit on Manga Studio, I'd spoken to a freelance friend the night before and thought I'd give it another go, cause the first time I used it, my tablet was lagging a hell of a lot and therefore put me off. But I tried it again today on the PC [I also own a MAC and do most of my work on it] and the result was this.

Not very impressive right HAH! I just couldn't really seem to draw right on it so yer, this was done on Manga Debut 4, it wasn't originally in grey scale, in fact I had used tones, but the way that Manga Debut saves bewilders me LOL. After getting some advice on the picture, well I shared and I got some advice from peeps which I'm very grateful to =D cause advice is the best way forward.

So I tried again but this time on Manga Studio Ex4 Demo on MAC. . . so I drew away only to find out as most of you may know already that I couldn't save the picture DX So the only way to work around it was to screen cap it and then take it into photoshop, crop and colour =D

I actually prefer the lineart on it's own over the coloured version, but seeing as I'd already coloured it in I thought that I should share =D I actually prefer Manga Studio on the MAC compared to on the PC, but that could just be due to the fact that I've been on the MAC for so long now, that I'm just not used to using a PC.