Commission #5

So on AU I saw that xblackravenx was looking to commission someone for a face up, and I thought that this would be a good opportunity to get back into working with BJDs. So I asked to see if I could be considered for it and she said yes n_n
I was asked to do a face up and to also blush some horns, I'll start with the horns on this blog.

This is how the horns arrived to me, they were very pretty indeed. But all that airbrushing needed to be taken off.

There was some staining on the horns due to indents, I had done my best to get rid of these markings.

What the Magic Eraser looked like after doing lots and lots of scrubbing XD I actually ended up using two pieces and they both ended up like that.

Ah how pretty they look after a good old scrubbing n_n

I was trying to show people how big these horns were so used my hand as a comparison.

So I started blushing them, xblackravenx wanted them blushed cream with pink. So I thought of doing this, they turned out looking raspberry swirls. . . or according to my sister, looked like prawns XD

I ended up getting rid of what I did previously and told xblackravenx that maybe it would look better with the pink darkened at the bottom of the horn and gradually blending into the rest like halfway, and she agreed after I did this n_n

  Next was the Rococo patterns she wanted on the horns, personally I wasn't keen on them. But they ain't my horns XD So I did what was asked and actually to be completely honest they didn't turn out that bad in the end. So all was good.

And this is the end result of both the horns n_n I enjoyed doing them. Actually this reminds me of when I used to do Rococo patterns on my school work cause I would get bored and then I would just be drawing them on the side of my notes and think that they were uber cool XD

Now I will move onto the face up.
The face up that the boy had when he came to me, it was actually very pretty subtle natural face up n_n  simple is good in my books.

All cleaned up n_n 

Right this is what I did first to the boy going by pure description, I'm not that great with description cause I know that I will always see it very differently to how the owner will want. That is why updating the owner is always a must in my book, I would hate to get the face up wrong.

This wasn't what the owner was looking for, so I made changes after she gave me some reference images. Ended up making a bit darker then what I had in mind from the description, but the references really helped and made working on the boy much easier.

The boy with his eyes in n_n it gives the face up a different feel to it.

I assumed that the horns belonged to this boy so I couldn't resist taking photos of him with the whole set on n_n and I have to say he looks pretty cool.


  1. I can't remember where I saw this before (might have been your flickr!) but I just remember going:

    Holy sh-!!

    Those horns are so pretty now, and they suit the handsome boy so much!!

    Awesome work hun <3

  2. End result looks really good. Well done!

  3. Ah I should have replied soon XD

    Thank you Immie n_n you might have seen the pictures on my flickr XD cause I did upload them on there tooo.

    Xynsta thank you!!!


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