Mito Shoot

Wah! So I haven't been updating this blog at all, I apologise for that. I'm not very active in the dollie world, I mean I still love my crew and all but I just don't feel as passionate to bring them out and take photoshoots. I will try to every now and again, I've also stopped going to doll meets which is bad. Why is it bad? It means I'm being anti social again XD and also the fact that that contributes to my non activeness in the dollie world. But I'm still more then happy to do dollie face ups and tattoos now, got a taste of it from the last face up request. Anyway I came here to shower you with love from Mito, since the last time you guys saw him, he's had a change of wigs and now even a change of personality. He emits a much more cheekier and laid back kinda feel nowadays, I love cheeky characters so I don't mind so much XD Anyway ENJOY!


  1. What a charming fellow! I love his red hair :)


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