Commission #6

So I had a return customer which is pretty awesome in my books XD
This time I was asked to redo the face-up on a Souldoll Yewon, she was very pretty indeed n_n
Thank you Junnosukebe for asking me to do the face up.

So lets begin, the face up in which the doll came to me was previously done by Pandatoots. How do I know? That's cause I lived with her for a period of time and got used to seeing the style of face ups she did XD it's not hard to miss hahaha. But yush, Junnosukebe had wanted to give this girl a more tomboy look, and although this style was very pretty and brought out the innocence (which I'm guessing was how the character was before the change), it wasn't very tomboy like.

So for clean up XD She looked so different without all the colours.

Now Junnosukebe had given me full on creativity reign, the only request was that I gave her a more tomboy look and that the eyebrows needed to be dark. So. . . I actually got stuck hahahaha but I pulled inspiration from the previous face up, the green eye shadowing was pretty and I thought doing something along those lines would be pretty awesome and she could still look tomboy ish. All I had to do was darken the colours. Oh and I almost forgot there was one more request for moles, which I was so happy to have received XD I'm a mole and freckle on dolls freak kekekeke.

So there you have the face up n_n it was fine as it was, I got an A OK from Junno so I sealed and glossed it n_n

And a final complimentary shots of the head with the wig it came with.

 I lied XD I have one more picture to share, I couldn't resist, her head was just the right size and I had a dark red wig lying around, it came with my Zaoll Muse but I just haven't decided on whether I want to keep it or to sell it yet, so well seeing as it was there I thought why not!


  1. I really like the face-up you've done :)
    very pretty!


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