Commission #7 [Part 1]

No you're not seeing things I am doing this commission in parts hahahaha I've been so busy at work that time isn't working out for me. So yush this one will be done in parts, I am being commissioned by Miguelina, she is currently away in Thailand so I get to babysit her boy for a while, until she comes back which isn't too long. He is a Migidoll Yuri, whom is really pretty n_n

This is just a cleanup update, Miguelina had already cleaned him, but because she was in a rush he still had quite a bit of MSC residue left on him so I sorted that out. 

I know that a lot of people when removing faceups have the trouble of removing it from the nooks and crannies (the pictures above are an example), well no worries I have a good tip for you.
Use a soft toothbrush n_n they are great for getting to those places, using a soft one will minimise the scratching it does on the resin, but it will still do the job. If you're in the UK go to your local supermarket and buy like a toddlers toothbrush, they're perfect for it. Or if you have a Superdrug they're doing kiddy toothbrushes for 10p XD

Mine is a gift from a friend, but I can't use it on my teeth cause it's way too soft, so it's perfect for faceups n_n it's well cute, has a penguin floating inside it kekekekee

It broke whilst I was cleaning the head TT^TT someone had dropped it on the floor and didn't tell me and whilst I was cleaning it kinda just broke off... now I only have half a toothbrush head TT^TT I might have to invest in one of those Superdrug 10p kiddy toothbrushes now.

Ok so with my mini drama over, the head is all clean n_n

So there you have it a nice clean head to start working on n_n


  1. I never thought of using a toothbrush for that.
    I always struggle with residu...
    New follower ;)



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