Commission #7 [Part 2]

Right! Part 2 is here. 

I finished the face up, I don't really have much tips for it hahaha. But I'll list you some of the things that is needed.

So lets have a look at my desk, there is the usual needed stuff, but there's also a lot of crap hahahahah.

- Laptop
Ok so you don't really need a laptop to be there, but I need to have reference images just to get a general idea of what sort of faceup the commissioner is looking for, I also have either music or TVB drama playing. I tend to work a lot better with TVB drama in the background even if I end up not really paying attention, it keeps my mind from being bored.

- Water colours
I only really use a select few, I mainly use the browns occasionally the red for scars but as you can see on the lid I have mixed my own colours as well, whilst also using it as a palette. My black and white water colours come from tubes, so they go onto the lid which is really helpful and it also prevents me from wasting the water colours [they're expensive], so even though they dry on the lid, all I need to do is to just add water and taadaa~ you can use them again.

- Chalk Pastels
Do not, and I repeat do not use oil pastels. They will really stain your doll, so avoid. I know that a lot of people use a palette knife to scrape the chalk to create the dust for blushing, but I just rub them against a bit of paper until I get enough dust n_n A varied amount of colours is good, my set is 48 colours. But a lot of them I don't use. Kinda wish I could use more of the blues and purples XD but oh well.

- Magic Eraser
This stuff is amazing and great!! Just cut it so that you have like a pointy bit and it helps so much when you make a mistake and need to clean just that section of the doll.

- Pot Of Water
My pot is made from a bottle XD, comes in handy for cleaning your brushes or for when you need water to dip your magic eraser in.

- Brushes
I use one hard brush, and I use it for a lot of the base blushing. Then I have a set of soft brushes, these I use mainly to darker the colours on the dolls face, also a thin brush for eyebrows, eyelashes and lip lines. Then the final brush for glossing.

- Tissues
Tissues come in handy for when you want to rub off excess chalk dust, but you gotta be careful cause it can smudge, or to dry areas that you have wet and cleaned. Oh also great for cleaning fingers as well hahahaha, and for doing freckles [hearts]

So first we need to seal the head, best to do it in an open area so that you don't suffocate from MSC/Purity Seal. I use Purity Seal, and I don't really find it all that different from MSC to be honest. I know a lot of people have several debates about it, but you know, each to their own and whichever one you feel more comfortable with.

So once the seal is dried you can start working on it, I feel a bit awkward when I start cause I don't know how to really go about it hahaha, I tend to start with the base blushing and slowly feel my way to where ever it is that I need to end up with. As you can see in the picture below, the boy has some ginger eyebrows XD don't worry that ain't really the colour of his eyebrows, it's just to help me get an idea of where to put them.

So after about an hour or so we have what you see a near finished face up below.

I discovered after a while that there were some dents next to this boy's eyes. The blushing I had applied before had made them even more evident, which isn't a very good look, so I needed to find a way to make them not to obvious.

So in the end I removed the blushing near the eye area on both sides, and it made the dents almost invisible XD. So here you have the finished face up, although missing gloss XD

So we seal the head, I sometimes get a bit heavy handed on the sealing part, so in this case the right side of the eye got a bit misty white. I tried my best to fix it, so now it doesn't look too bad.

Those eyes don't belong to the boy, but I had some spares so I thought that it best to shove them in him and take a few pictures hahahaha.
But either way he looks all pretty now n_n

Thank you for reading~
Until next time folks n_n


  1. It's really beautiful! :D

  2. oh my!this is gorgeous!(i wish i was one of your dolls, i want eyes like that!xDD) and i never thought one used watercolors n the likes.. thought it was some sort of "special"-types of (spray/)paint used.. amazing. (*_*) n with "sealed" - i guess you mean you fixated the colors? i mean.. you do need to do that, right? n SORRY for the stupid obvious questions. i don't know shi*ts about bjd-craft. just very much admire the work. :3

  3. neoyume - Thank you n_n

    drend - Thank you >_< and yer I use watercolours, I don't use acrylic paints. I find that if I make a mistake it's easier to correct if it's watercolours. I don't do airbrushing either, I've never tried it, so it's a completely new world to me that is hahahaha.

    As for the sealing and fixing, yer when I say sealed I also mean fixated. The reason I say sealed is because the spray I use to fix it is called "Purity Seal", so it kinda made sense to use the word seal rather then fixed. Also a lot of people get confused when I say fixed, they think I modded the doll cause there was something wrong with it when I can't do mods kekekekeke

  4. Really great job and quite usefull tutorial. I have a question regarding eyes. How do you achieve such smooth smokey effect around them?

  5. KINGRPG - Thank you n_n

    Beatrix - To achieve a smokey look it's best to apply the colours bit by bit. So I start off using a light redish brown first and then move onto using a darker brown, then a dark grey and from there a darker grey and then I use black. Slowly building up the colours adds to the face-up n_n oh also if you use watercolours for eyelashes, they too pick up a lot of the chalk dust and that in a way works in my favour when I need to make it darker. But it's all in the building up the colours n_n Hope that helped.


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