So today I restrung two boys, the first was my sisters Crobidoll Nia called Narvine but I call him Nar Nar for short XD he was really loose and refused to sit up or even stand, instead he enjoyed laying down, but now that he's been restrung he stands better and even sits up YAY! 
Secondly I restrung Mito, however I have a feeling that he still needs to be tightened just that tiny bit more, but it's not too bad at the moment, what I might do is wait for the elastic to loosen a bit before I reattempt another restringing session, seeing as the string he currently has is relatively new and I can't actually stretch it out that much, I'm a bit weak XD

Anyway, I didn't just restring the boys I also took pictures of them. Recco even got involved in the picture taking hehehe. Excuse my commentary throughout~

Mito - Migidoll Ryu
Recco - Crobidoll Yeon Ho
Nar Nar - Crobidoll Nia

I think Mito always gets first shot now cause he's my favourite.

Recco getting second shot, not looking very amused.

And Nar Nar getting last shot, I feel bad for this boy. My sister neglects him more then I neglect my lot, but I have reasons as to why I do so.

A lovely group shot where everyone doesn't look ready.
Mito: -staring off into random direction-
Recco: Wait you old hag, don't take the picture yet!
Nar Nar: I'm just happy that I've been included~

Recco: Oi! Don't you lean on me Mito!

Mito: But we look good~

All three of the boys standing together, I found it really hard to fit Nar Nar in, cause he was just a really awkward size.

Nar Nar: -Daydreaming-

Mito: -Thinking "I wonder what's for lunch?"-

Recco: What do you want?! Stop staring.

Mito: Lets dazzle the ladies ~ <3
Nar Nar: How do I do that?

Mito: Let me demonstrate with Recco.
Recco: We are not dazzling anyone, the only thing dazzling will be your blood.

Nar Nar: Will a dance dazzle them Mito?

Mito: I give up~ I'm getting tired out from all this demonstrating.

Recco: ... What?! Can't I rest in peace?

 Mito: Come on Re-Re, Jatz is just trying to-
Recco: Don't you call me that!

Mito + Recco: ZZzzz...
I think they tired out in the end and Nar Nar had returned back to my sister after his lovely dance. 


  1. Nice photos^^ you have very lovely dolls.
    I really like Recco's face-up : D


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