Wow, it has been like 3 months since I last updated anything. I do apologise I've been so busy with work that I'm literally getting exhausted, but before I am forgotten or I forget that I even have this blog I have a few things to update based on the BJD section kehehe. 

So a while back I actually managed to sell off Mito's DIM body, and decided to bring home a Souldoll double body instead of a Luts SDF body. The stringing was hilariously tight when I got him hahaha, the previous owner did warn me but I thought I wanted him together in one piece so I risked it. Ended up getting like burns across my hands not good eh? But either way, I then went to Hong Kong in July, I missed Dollism like usual XD but I managed to find some BJD shops in Mong Kok area which was cool, and I got some new string for Mito as well as a new outfit. My original thought was that if I didn't like the outfit I could just sell it off. It's really good quality and to be honest I wouldn't find something like that for that kind of price on the market place. It would probably cost me an arm and a leg. But either way, yes Mito has been updated, with a few minor faults to his stringing, I need to tighten up his body a bit, but I will have to do that when I am free next time n_n 

Enjoy the pictures folks~


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