Blushed Hands

A few days ago I decided that I wanted to wire the arms of my dolls, cause they weren't posing very well. So I got me some wire XD I should have done like a mini tutorial for it, but I didn't think about it until now DX, it's really simple really hahaha
I was planning on wiring both the arms on one bit of wire, but that turned out to be pretty impossible, especially in Xeren the Zaoll Muse. So in the end I just used two bits of wires for her arms, and she poses really nicely. Her arms hold in place and it just makes her that extra more loveable. I also wired Mito's arms, the souldoll double. Yes, you're probably saying, "But isn't that body like a dream to pose already?" Yes he is a dream to pose already, but the problem I have with him is his new string... it makes he's arms flick back up a lot which is a sign that they're strung too tightly, however, it's the tightness that I like, so in order to stop it from flicking I wired his arms as well.

So after wiring them up, there wasn't much else for me to do. I then remembered that recently I had wanted the Soom jointed hands, THEY ARE LUSH~!! But I'll see if I have the money to buy them when they do their special orders again, Recco and Mito will need some in my opinion XD Also Recco will need a new body first (Yer... I recently sold his DIM body, I'm on the hunt for a Luts SDF Type 2 body). But anyway I saw all these lovely blushed hands and reckoned that if I did get my hands on a pair of the jointed hands I would want to blush them. So I practiced on Xeren's hands XD

I have to admit they were a lot of fun, and this time with the help of a tutorial and a bit more patience they turned out a lot better then when I first attempted it on the DOI Luke I had a year ago XD. But the lesson I learnt here was that I need to work on blushing the joints on top of the hand, they look ok and not so ok hahahaha, maybe the blending needs a bit more work. But either way I personally think they came out alright and I will be blushing Mito's hands next.

And I will leave you with a photo of Xeren enjoying the fact that she has now got colourful nails~