Commission #8

And I am back in action~

So a while before I quit my job I was asked by SofieB* if I was free to do a face-up for her boy, and so I said yes but she'd had to wait until after 15th Oct, the day I was quitting. However she was fine with it and said that she would wait. Now it's the 17th Oct and I have completed a face-up on her boy. 

You see I was going to do a stage by stage one again, but I totally forgot XD I took a picture of when the doll was blank and then just worked on it and... well I ended up just finishing it and being all like er... I totally forgot hahaha. Anyhow I have pictures for you gaze upon n_n

This was initially the final thing, and then I remembered my signature moles hahaha just had to add them in XD

 A tattoo was also part of the commission and SofieB wanted some stars running down the side of the boys face which kinda curled around the ear, my stars are a little wonky -looks around innocently- the small ones were hard to draw but he bigger ones were easier to work with, but a mixture obviously looks better hahaha. Hard work paid off n_n

And some final images of the boy with his eyes in plus gloss n_n


  1. This face up is amazing!
    I love his stars :]

    To be fair, all your face ups are quite amazing; they look so real *0*


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