Hyunnie You're Home~

So recently I've been planning on upgrading my dollie crew, so I sold Recco's body in hope that I'd get him an SDF body with the money I got from the DIM one. Unfortunately for me, my plans were thwarted ¬_¬ I forget whether I mention my plans on here or not, but I had actually planned on buying a Souldoll H.C. Yurr. I actually saw someone selling the head on the marketplace, and was tempted to buy him, then realised I actually needed to get Recco his body and if I was to get H.C. Yurr it would have to be full doll, and then the unthinkable happened.... no I didn't buy the H.C. Yurr, I ended up buying a different head DX

Esthy Peroth isn't actually on my wish list, in fact. Because it's such a rare head, I wasn't really hoping to get one. But erm... yer...¬_¬ I curiously went onto the marketplace, and as you can probably guess I went and bought the head... TT^TT plans for upgrading Recco gone. But I don't regret it, in fact I think I would have regretted it if I let this chance pass me by, and I'd have to wait god knows how long before another one came up.

So here is a mini box opening.

As you can imagine, seeing this boy had made me forgive him for thwarting my plans to upgrade Recco. Although Recco wouldn't have said the same ¬_¬ 

Oh also may I add, I would have taken more photos, but my camera died. So I will save that for next time eh?

During the wait for him to come home I was trying to work out a character for him, I figured all of mine were more or less from the city. Maybe apart from Recco and Toki, they are from the country side I suppose seeing as ones a rabbit and ones a bird XD But yer Hyunnie will be a country bumpkin, I also noticed that from my collection I had Japanese and English names. I'm Chinese and people would have thought I'd go for a Chinese name, but they're hard to translate and don't sound all that good most of the time ¬_¬ Like how in Chinese a Dragon is called Lueng, in Japanese it's called Ryu... see the difference? Yer... I mean I love the Chinese language and am very proud to be able to speak it, but naming my characters and then having to translate is a pain XD

Anyway, this boy is technically replacing the H.C. Yurr, yes it means I won't be bringing him home. I was originally naming the H.C. Yurr Fenwick Le Moore, a very English name? Yup XD They were places I went past when I went to Scotland last month. But yer that name didn't seem to suit the Peroth and well, I noticed I didn't have one with a Korean name, and I'm, well trying to study the language but failing quite miserably. But without further ado I present to you,

Joo Hyun Wook 주현욱
Nickname Hyunnie XD cause it sounds like honey pfffft!

Some small facts for you, Esthy Peroth was produced back in 2007, and it was an order based creation, so there is only the amount that was ordered back then out in the world, which from what I know is around 30-40. I wasn't even in the hobby then, well not seriously into the hobby. My friend had shown me BJDs back then, but I was scared of them XD still am, I can't stand having the dolls out at night in the dark TT^TT they scare me. Anyhow, I had only really gotten into the whole hobby in 2009. Since then I've already sold quite a few dolls, I sold Dream of Doll DOI Luke the original shell of Ranke, and my very first doll. I also sold off Crobidoll Yeon Ho head, cause I couldn't handle twins, three DIM Minimee male heads, and finally three DIM bodies XD I remember saying how I was satisfied with my number of 5 and now it's turned into a number of 6! I'm kinda glad that I'm not an avid doll owner, so I won't be bringing too many home XD Although 6 is quite a lot considering I've only been in the hobby for 2 years now hahahahaha~