Midwinter Ball November 2011

The London Pygmalion Society held a Midwinter Ball on the 12th of November 2011, seeing as I've never actually been to the past ones. This was due to the fact that I actually disappeared from the doll community for about a year or so, but with that aside I enjoyed myself. It was fun, and it was nice talking to people. Although I'm as shy as hell when it comes to meeting new people, it was good to see the community coming together. I got to watch the lovely Doctor Krowbar help people with their dollie dilemmas, I got to see how she worked and I learnt quite a bit. It was also great seeing all of them dressed up, as well as the owners dressed up to match hehehe. Anyway I'll continued the chatter after the pictures, enjoy~!!

Unfortunately I didn't take that many pictures, in fact I missed out on a lot of the dollies that were there. I totally missed some of the competition entries, there were so many good ones that my eyes were like where do I look? But the little match stick girl Rose was a well deserved win, yes I don't have a picture of her TT^TT which is a shame, cause she was so well done. I thought they did a really good job on organizing the meet, and then the raffle tickets. Where the money was donated to Cancer Research, I think about £280 was raised, I can't quite remember. But either way it was all done for good deeds. I thought the prizes were all good too, I was glad I actually got to see a Teru head, I would have liked to have seen it up close. But yet again I was too shy to ask the winner DX Jatzu fail hahaha. If another one is held next year, I would like to attend again, because it was as I keep saying a lot of fun.