Mito in Kimono

Ok so I recently bought a Kimono off of DOA and OMG it is the most beautiful set of clothes I have seen in my life, the detail on the Kimono is just amazing. I can't really describe it, it's one of the most amazing set out of everything I own, and is just, it makes me want to protect it more than I want to use it hahahaha. But I have pictures to show =3= these were at the request of me wanting to see it on a doll, and my friends wanting to see the outfit n_n Unfortunately Mito is the only male who is complete at the moment, but this outfit isn't for him, it's for Hyunnie~

Modeled by Mito - Migidoll Ryu on Souldoll Body.

I decided to do a "sexy" shoot afterwards hahahahaha~ Mito showing off his skinny body XD this was most probably bought on by the 'Sexy photos of your doll' thread on DOA, it's not actually named that, but it's along the same lines hahahaha. But these aren't really that sexy XD They're just teasing ones hahaha~

That's all folks and Mito is back in his normal clothes~
Mito - I hope you enjoyed the show everybody, I'll make it even sexier next time~