Mu to you Hyunnie

Right! So erm... after I bought Hyunnie, I bought a body, and erm... that was kinda fail but I got it in the end even though it was a pain in the ass, I won't go into the details cause I'm just wearing it out now hahaha and I'm kinda sick of talking about it and reminding myself about the whole ordeal. Anyhow, whilst I was waiting for the body to come I also got a new head -shot- LOL this is bad, I got shown the head by Krowbar XD and I was like oooo he's pwretty, but I don't want him. And then... look what happens. I jumped in on the order with her and got one in the end hahahahahahaha!
He arrived super fast, so on the Monday just gone I went to pick him up and we (Metalli, Krowbar and myself) also arranged to have a face-up day, I did half of his face-up at Krowbar's place and then I finished him off at home XD Anyway, I found that the Nabarro Har head works quite well with the Souldoll Double body that belongs to Mito XD So now I have two bodies and four heads, BODY SHARE! Not that I mind it'll just be extra effort to change the cloths~

So first of all before I go and jump right into the whole shoot that I did today let me introduce the new boy, I decided in the end that he's going to be Chinese XD yes I know I said I wasn't going to make a Chinese character and look what happens, I make a Chinese character XD

Chan Mu Kit
Mu Chan

He's my sleepy lazy IT pro boy who doesn't like to be bothered XD I'll say he's the age of 20, prefers to be called Kit his second name, but everyone just results in calling him Mu Chan when they find out his full name XD especially Mito hahahaha he likes to poke fun and tease =P
So now with the introductions over, I present to you the mini shoot I did with both Mu Chan and Hyunnie, I ran out of time when I was doing Mu Chan cause the mother came home so I had to pack everything away DX but at least I got some pictures n_n

As you may have noticed the colour of my pictures change midway through XD it's because I changed the white balance half way through pwuhahahahaha yush also I apologise for blinding you with the uber white-ness in some of the pictures, but it's a very nice effect and brings out the dolls very well~ I hope you enjoyed the pictures n_n