Change in Aesthetic Service

Happy New Year everybody~

There has been a change to my Aesthetic service~
I'm a day late in updating my blog, but better late then never right?

Starting as of 2012 I will be teaming up with Krowbar
We are now working as a team called J² Aesthetics
And to celebrate the awesome collaboration 
we are holding a free face-up raffle
You can apply for this either through:
DOA - PM Jatzu or Krowbar
AU - PM Jatzu

We will determine the amount of winners
from the amount of people that enter.
For example: Every 10 people that enter 1 free face-up for grabs

Each winner will be able to get
a free Face-up Service
from your choosen artist


The deadline is Tuesday 31st January 2012
Midnight GMT

So get applying peeps~

I will be updating the prices and information on the Aesthetic section of this blog but I will put them here for people to gander at as well 

A V A I L A B L E   S E R V I C E S  

- Face up
- Body Blushing
- Parts Blushing
- Tattoo Work
- Modifications [This is currently only provided by Krowbar]

- We do not provide lashes, these must be provided by the commissioner if they would like them.


[initials will be after each of the materials we use]

K - Krowbar
J - Jatzu

- MSC - K
- Mr Super Clear UV cut flat - K
- Warhammer satin finish sealant - K J
- Pastels - K J
- Water colours - K J
- Water colour pencils - K
- Gloss/enamel - K J
- Acrylic Paints - J
- Tamiya Thinner - J
- Acetone free nail polish remover - K J

[[Jatzu is in the process of converting to acrylics
Krowbar may be converting to acrylics soon]]

For Scars:
- Water colour pencils - K
- PVA - K
- Water colours - J
[you can remove scars the same way as you would with a normal faceup]

For Mods and Ear piercings [Currently only provided by Krowbar]:
- Fine glass sandpaper
- Fine blade artisan craft knife
- Apoxy Resin [only used for eye closing and ear mods]
- Small handheld drill bit [this is for ear piercing]

P R I C I N G   A N D   P O S T A G E

I n d i v i d u a l   A e s t h e t i c   P r i c e s

Puki and Bigger - £15
Puki Puki and Smaller - £10
Body Blushing - £20 [For Fantasy Parts Please PM For Quote]
Hands/Feet Blushing and Manicure - £5
Face-up Removal - Free

Tattoo - Starting from £5
This will be determined by the size and amount of work required for the tattoo
but the minimum price is £5 discuss with us on the design
and we will give you a qoute.

M o d i f i c a t i o n   P r i c e s :

[This service is currently only provided by Krowbar, if you do have any questions feel free to contact her either through Jatzu or via e-mail: []]

Dependant upon what you request but here’s a rough idea:

- Eye Opening or closing - £10 [in certain cases like making eyewells for littlefee this will be £15-20 depending on how much work is required]
- Mouth Modification - Dependant upon what client requests, range from £5-£15
- Ear modification - £8 [Includes Elf ears and plugs, please keep in mind I cannot guarantee even ears]
- Ear Piercing - £3

If there is anything else you want me to modify like body mods or other modifications not listed I may give an estimate after the work is done but at the most it would not total more than £30 [for a lot of modding and such]

ALOT of Mods are subject to quotes for prices so please feel free to ask prices!

P r i c e s   f o r   a   J 2   A   F a c e - u p

This is a pure collaboration between Jatzu and Krowbar

Puki and Bigger - £10
Puki Puki and Smaller - £7
Body Blushing - £15 (For Fantasy Parts Please PM For Quote)

For any other services we will give you a qoute
based on the complexity and what is required.

P o s t a g e

I will use the signed for first class service.

£5 for UK residents
£10 for non-UK residents

[These prices are only for heads,
if other resin parts are included we will quote you a price
as this will be dependent on how heavy the box will be
  we are also not responsible for any loss of parcels
if the commissioner does not specifically request for insured postage]

 T U R N A R O U N D

It will take us roughly 1-2 weeks to do a face up and/or modifications.
This will be dependent on how busy we are and the weather.
We will PM/E-mail you if we require more time.
We can send out Monday - Saturday.

Krowbar Feedback Thread on Den of Angels

Jatzu Feedback Thread On Angel Unlimited
Jatzu Feedback Thread On Den of Angels

Feel free to PM/E-mail [] if you would like to commission or just have general questions~