J² Commission #1 and #2

So here we are~ The first and also second commissions for J²A, it was extremely fun, so much so that me and K ran out of time to do all the other stuff we were originally planning on doing hahahaha~ but that's alright, it's all just personal plans which we will get to eventually. But let's move on.

So the first commission is a Dollshe Saint, we worked on him first because he was just a simple natural looking face-up, he was lovely though. I have a thing for Dollshe Saints =D I will admit now though, I didn't used to like them at all, they just weren't for me and then I saw K's Saint, Xander and O.M.G. did I fall hard for him XD absolutely love that boy~ but anyway moving on, this is the commission~

The blushing was done by me whilst the line work [look at how thin those lines are!!] were done by K~ pastel blushing and acrylic line work.

So moving onto the next commission, this was a pretty big job. We were asked to work on a Soom Argil, and it was for face-up, fantasy parts blushing and body blushing.
Me and K worked on different parts, I did blushing on face and body whilst she did the blushing on the fantasy parts, and then K did line work on face-up and I did line work on fantasy parts. It was a really fun one to do, the time passed so quickly when we were working on it that it was like WTH happened to the time?? Like each time we checked the time 2 hours would have like past and then before we knew it, it was 10PM =O 

Before I sent this lil one home, I took a few pictures of her for personal keeps hahahaha I'm a bit cheeky, but it was too good an opportunity to pass up. So here are a few extra pictures for you guys~


  1. Congrats to the both of you, these commissions are so well done :D It's awesome that you're able to work so well together <3


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