New Year Love

Ok so yer I'm like 7 days behind on this updating business, I was meant to update like on New years or the day after. But I then started my job and I have completed my first week, which is cool. But I won't go into that, what I really wanted to start the new year off was with sharing my Figma collection. No it's not a massive collection, but seeing as it's the more "normal" hobby/collection that I have I wanted to share hahahaha. So I have pictures to share~ This goes in the semi order I got them in, barring one which is the PVC figurine that I have, so he goes first cause he isn't a figma XD I bought him off my old housemate out of liking his design hahahaha.

So that is my collection XD I have one more coming, but it will take it a while, and when it arrives I shall share hahahaha. I have also been doing a few bits and bobs of drawing, nothing finished, they're what you can call mainly character doodles. So I will be hopefully doing more, and maybe some finished works.