Free Face-up Raffle

The free face-up raffle has been extended to the 20th February, so if you would like to get the chance of potentially winning a free face-up by J2 A then e-mail me and I will enter you for it, yup that's all you have to do, e-mail me and say you would like to enter. That is all!! So get E-MAILING!!!!


On other news I got to paint a Supia Rosy, which was on my want to paint list, it builds up over time, and I generally forget until I get a chance to and am all like awwww it's on my 'I want to paint' list. But yush a Rosy has been on there, I don't really tell people what I would like to paint seeing as I tend to forget half the time XD what old age does to your memory, or just my memory hahahahaha.


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