AOD Ruo Feng

So here is an update, I was recently commissioned to do a face-up~
Which I'm more then happy to oblige~  I was pretty much given free reign over the colours as long as it was bright colourful and there were freckles XD which is always a bonus for me because I love working with colour =P

So I got sent the head~

He had what I'm guessing is a factory face-up~ he has a bit of damage to his lip, which the owner told me was due to him previously having a lip ring. I sanded it down a bit so that when it came to blushing it wouldn't be too obvious, as some damages can make blushing a lot darker then it should be.

The head all cleaned up, this one was a tough one to clean. The gloss he had on him refused to budge, but in the end I managed to get it off @_@

Here are a few progress shots, not really that much of progress is shown but you get a rough idea XD also before the freckles went on I had a slight panic moment. I hadn't shaken my purity seal and sprayed it onto the head and the whole thing frosted over I was like NUUUUUU!!!!! HOW COULD YOU???!!!!

Luckily K was online and I had panicked about it to her, she then told me that it was ok and that I can save it. And thankfully I was~ I lost some of my line work and colour but those were easily re-applied again. Just the feeling of working on something and then having to start again is not a good feeling, but yush thankfully it was saved and it was sealed properly afterwards~

I actually got rid of some of the stray freckles as the owner didn't like them that much, which I can completely understand, so they were wiped off and the rest were kept~

So that is the final face-up~ He is now all packed and ready to be sent back home to his owner~ I enjoyed working on him and I think I like his lips the best hahaha~ I also added some shimmer powder onto him, but I didn't go OTT hahaha would have looked quite bad if I did OTT on him with that stuff XD