Update 11/03/2012

Whoa... haven't updated in a while, I've been awfully quiet on every end of things, been so busy and trying to do as much as I can after work, and I'm getting uberly tired *sighs* anyway I have quite a lot of update for this post, so be prepared to be spammed with loads of pictures~

So first is first, this was done a while back. Custom House Ai not too sure on the actual mold... I get confused easily, so like I don't know if the mold is Ai or it's the line name... none the less it's a Custom House n_n For this one I was asked to just add more colour on to the face-up and to add freckles, which was a pretty easy job n_n

These are the before shots of the original factory face-up.

And these are the after shots of the face-up~

So that is the Custom House done, I'll let you guys in on a secret. I actually did this before the Supia Rosy =X so it's bad that I didn't update it when I did get it done hahahaha...

Moving on, next is a CP Juri. This was done for the winner of the free face-up raffle n_n I regret not taking pictures of it when it arrived to me, from what I could tell it had it's eyes opened and had it's cheeks sanded down. The eyes were done quite decently, but the cheeks... they were so roughly done, I had no choice but to smooth them down myself.

These pictures were taken after I had finished sanding down the cheeks to smooth them out. I was actually in the process of taking the face-up off before I remembered that I was to take some pictures for reference XD

So that is the head, I kinda wished I was able to sand down the left cheek a bit more, but I couldn't cause if I had sanded it anymore, it would have made the cheeks un-even *sighs* so yer, she has a dip on the left side, but at least it's less rough now.

I had to blush match the sanded areas of the cheeks due to the fact that she had some yellowing on her, so yer I blushed matched her cheeks hahaha and then I gave her a natural look well as natural as possible, seeing as I've noticed that my blushing is actually quite heavy... so yer... hahaha my line work is a but meh lately as well... no not lately, has been meh since I started hahahaha.

And moving onto the final one, K asked me to do a face-up on her Fairyland Riff, he was lovely to work on, I think K plans on putting a tattoo on this boy which I bet will look awesome!! XD So yer when I was doing this boy, I wanted to try and do a colourful face-up, there are quite a few colours in my set of pastels that I rarely use, and when I get to do whatever I like with a doll I like to try and use some of these colours. I started off using purple, and then I wanted to see what blue was like, and well... I ended up just keeping as one eye purple one eye blue XD

Well that's it, all the dollie stuff I have done until now. Hopefully I'll get more in the future, well I hope so hahaha there are loads of dolls that I would love to work on, and so many more plans to complete~