Lati Yellow Lea

So I was recently commissioned to work on a Lati Yellow Lea~ Which I will have to admit is on my want to work on list n_n it's so bloody cwute, I've seen so many of my idol face-up artists work on this lil one and it makes me squee a bit hahahaha. It just has like the cutest grumpy look =P

She had a factory face-up, which I'm guessing was too heavy in a sense of colour for the owner. This is actually something I would have done to the girl but with less red lips =x I showed these to a friend and she thought I did them cause of my colourful face-ups hahaha but she realised it wasn't me because of the eyebrows, she was like they're not "Jatzu" enough XD she makes me laugh. But yer it was a shame that I had to wipe the face-up.

The doll cleaned, and with a bit of work started on it, working nice and slow with this lil girl~

 And so that is the face-up done~ I had fun with this one, the owner had wanted quite a few changes made to what I had originally done, but they weren't like major changes they were just minor ones, so it was alright n_n

I have another commission to work on, but the weather has been awful, so I've not been able to work on it DX it's hard to seal the head when it's constantly raining.... damn rain, I've been told by a colleague that May will be snow and I'm like NUUUUUU, please no snow, I've never driven in the snow before so I'll be damned if that happens, I'm bad enough as it is, let alone having to do it in the snow DX But more on dollie news, I recently got myself a Switch Soseo~ a head that I have been damned to liking, and have been trying to get at a decent price. He's a limited so he was 1) hard to get hold of 2) gona be damn well expensive T^T *sighs* AND~ this is a big and~ I have other heads coming my way, but you'll have to wait til they arrive and probably until I work on them before I let slip what I got XD

Oh I almost forgot XD I took some pictures of Hyunnie in the under-layer of his Kimono XD he's so bloody slutty I was laughing my head off, but the thing is he doesn't look stupid.. he proper knows he's pretty and knows how to flaunt it ¬_¬ damn show off~