Coconuts and Laine

The title is a bit weird no? So here is a mini update of my crew XD and an update on face-up kehehehe, this is my personal collection so I might have quite a bit of rubbish to be sharing with you guys, although I probably write too much hahaha~

Right so the coconuts is in reference to 'I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts' by Merv Griffin and I've been singing it for quite some time now hahaha, I even sing it at work!! But one day I mentioned to K about doing like a few photos of all the floating heads I have all in a row like how the lyrics are and just be like I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts XD So here you have it, a picture of my lovely bunch of coconuts~!

There are a total of 11 there XD and there are 2 missing heads~ You can probs tell what sculpts they are and you probs can't I dunno hahaha but I'll be revealing them one by one as I work on them, I'll be a bit slow, as I usually am when it comes to my own personal collection. I take it really slowly cause working on dolls is a way for me to relax, especially when it comes to my own collection. Also yer... Recco and Mito are still floating heads =X I feel bad cause those two are actually my oldest dolls well at least Recco is the oldest out of the lot, he's been with me throughout the 3 years that I've been in the hobby, he was my 2nd purchase~ I'm looking into getting him a Spiritdoll Elegance body, just need to save up faster then I'm spending hahahahaha~

So who have I worked on first~ I have worked on Laine first seeing as he was the first of the new lot to arrive hahaha~ He actually went to K's place first, and then came to me afterwards, cause K modded him. Laine is one of our Rebane family characters, that interlink with both her and my dolls. He is the bastard child of Kasai (I probably spelt it wrong) depite the fact that Kasai is well... he's tanned hahaha and Laine is NS, it works out somehow due to genetics and all that palava. I put it down to genetic fault hahaha~

Unfortunately I don't think I have pictures of him when he arrived to K, and after she had modded his scar and pictures of him being blank... I dunno you might get lucky hahaha, I haven't checked out the folder yet to see what pictures I did actually take of this boy. And well unfortunately there is no pictures of him being a blank *sighs* I should take pictures of the dolls being blank but sometimes I forget hahahaha. Oh before I forget Laine is a heavily modded Volks F-16~

Right, so here is a lil insight to what I thought when I got him, I had a lil marmite moment with Laine, cause his head is just so bloody big!! Like seriously... he has such a fat head, and I was like eugh.. his head is so fat... it's weird... but~ and this but was bound to happen, after I worked on him it was like awww ok maybe you're not so bad~ Oh also a friend said to me that she didn't recognise the mold cause his eyes were different and had been modded, but the thing is when I look at him there are no signs to say that his eyes have been modded bigger, although whoever did the mod could have just done a very professional job, but to me it doesn't look like it's been modded apart from that scar which I really love~ I blushed him a burn scar as well, it's pretty faint, but I didn't want to make it obvious. It ties in with that eye injury, he was trapped under a burning beam when the house was burning down.

I also have a nagging feeling that I've done his eyebrows a bit too high, but at the same time they look alright to me *shrugs* it kinda adds to his sweet look, because he has the sad eyebrow arch which I didn't want to follow, cause I don't want Laine to be sad looking~ I like happy dolls. But yer, his eye isn't the only thing modded. K shaped his nose a bit as it was previously sanded down so he had no shape to his nose, and I also gave him a bit more of a Philtrum. I love deep Philtrums~

So there you have it, Laine Rebane~ I have yet to work on his older brother Koit and then get their bodies sorted as well DX so much outgoing money that I need more incoming money~!!!!