Back On The Tracks

My last update was of Laine, he still looks very sweet XD I took a small break, due to work. I was working quite a bit and doing loads @_@ ended up very exhausted by the end of the week. So I couldn't work on anything T^T I was only managing to do things at the weekend, but since peeps at work have returned from holidays and all, I have been a bit (I say bit cause damn do I get tired really quickly still) less tired XD I've been working on dolls at night during the weekdays.

So next up is Koit, I worked on him and so on, this was during the weekend if I remember correctly. Oh if any of you follow my face-up thread on AU, then you'd have already seen this already, and will probs remember me mentioning that he's quite an ugly sculpt XD which I still half and half go by, cause he's just a lil odd one XD Koit is a Switch Soseo.

He looked very erm... I don't know the word XD well I do but I can't for the life of me remember what it was, nonchalant? Dunno if that describes how he looks lol, but yer that was him, I liked his lashes the best in this. But this wasn't the look I was going for... I wanted a more serious kinda look and he just didn't look it here *sighs*

Soon after I worked on my Migidoll Cynical Yuijin, he is one that I bought on a whim... XD I dunno I kinda had no intention of keeping him from the start, that's why he has no name still. If I named him... that would mean attachment and then I'd have trouble selling... I wanted to scar this boy up a bit so I did a bit of PVA glue scarring =D

I went very OTT with the scarring, I was going to town with the PVA XD I also did a mini shoot with this one, stole the SDF body from Hyunnie which I paid for in the end cause I had to put him back onto it and redress him in his Kimono... which took me an hour or so *sighs*

I initially intended to do these pictures as black and white, but I like my colours so much that I was like ah scrap it! LOL Why was I intending to do black and white photos? Well... you see Cynical Yuijin is WS and my SDF body is NS so... Yuijin + SDF = A very terrible match XD

As you guys probs know, I've been playing around with how to do eyebrows for a while now, and well... these last two face-ups... THEY HAVE TERRIBLE EYEBROWS!!! I ended up getting fairly frustrated with it all, so... and here is a big SO! I redid Koit's eyebrows and redid Yuijin's face-up completely. Ya see I liked Koit's face-up overall, so didn't want to re-do it. So with a lot of elbow grease, I took his eyebrows off using magic eraser and redid them.

Now this is Koit, he has a much more serious look to him now. Eyebrows really do make all the difference I tell ya!

Finally pictures of the newly re-done Cynical Yuijin~!

This time the scarring was painted on rather then PVA, there is also a lil bit of mess on both the inner side of his eyes, this is due to me not cleaning him properly =X so there is some leftover purity seal. I'm also liking his eyebrows a lot better now!! He looks much better then before~ I've also decided to go with a particular style of doing lashes as well XD slowly but surely finding my way~!!!