One, Two and Three

So~ I've been pretty busy this past week, have a new person at work. Got a couple of commissions and work in general is getting more and more busy. Tires me out all this does @_@ But I will survive~!! *Breaks into song* BTW just a warning, this is gona be a pretty large update~

Now let's see, what's first... Ah I remember now, I will refer to this as a we XD you'll understand in a bit. So for a while now, I've announced that I've teamed up with K and we do joint face-up services. Which we haven't done in a while, it's fun yush~ but requires quite a bit of timing, and would have been made easier if we lived closer to each other, but as it stands we don't. I might suggest continuing as a team, but doing individual face-ups with the occasional joint work which isn't too bad n_n I'm sure she'll understand~ But yush moving on, we were commissioned to work on a ResinSoul Song Grey Skin. He's quite a cutey if I must say so~ It was just an updated face-up so pretty much the same as his old one but with a bit of J2A flare XD

How the boy came to me, took some pictures as reference because I needed to put the tattoos back onto the boy~

The boy all cleaned up n_n, he was pretty easy to clean, which makes a change XD I usually have to put a lot of elbow grease into cleaning @_@ which is alright I don't mind but it just takes time hahaha~

These pictures are of the 2nd layer of blushing, I didn't see the point of showing you the initial blushing XD it's just the same but lighter hahahaha, so really not much to see XD I was amazed at how well the beige/pink colour comes out on grey skin, I have worked on one other grey skin before, and I didn't play as much as I did with that one. I've seen other people use like very close to skin tone colours and wanted to try it out, in my opinion I think it came out quite well~

That's him with the tattoos on~ And that was my part of the job done n_n the rest such as linework and eyebrows were for K to finish off. I met her up on the weekend and handed the boy over and she worked her magic on him~ I also gained a body when I met her kehehehehe BODIES!!!

These are unfortunately screenshots of what K had done~ I wasn't able to save the pictures T^T so yer you'll have to settle with what I can get =P So that is that~ I also have to say the owner has been very patient with us, K's gone away for the week so wasn't able to send the boy off. But hopefully he'll be back with his owner by next week~


I think I'll do all the commissions first and then move onto my personal ones XD so yush next commission would be~ DA DA DA DA~!!! A Doll Chateau Bella~ It's on my invisible want to paint list XD But yush~ I had fun, I went by description for this one~ The owner wanted a Gothic kinda look but with bright pink and purples~ Right up my street XD

For this one I unfortunately forgot to take blank pictures DX by the time I remembered I had done like 2nd layer of colours on her and I was like NUUUUU!!!!!! T^T Ah but oh well, tis all fine as long as I has the pictures for the face-up itself it's all cool~

Oh oh oh... <3 I did the eyebrows differently, I think I'm going to keep it, but I'm trying to figure out if it's good on boys... however I think I will have two ways of doing eyebrows, that way for girls and a more hairy bushy approach for guys? What do ya think? Hahaha, I've got a set way of doing the bottom lashes now, and it's working for me so it's all good n_n Ah also for this one I forgot the freckles originally, which was requested by the owner, luckily she pointed that out and I'm more then happy to oblige when it comes to freckles~

This may sound silly but oh my, I think DC Bella has a face that is perfectly suited for freckles~ Like I dunno how to explain it, just like freckles on her kinda makes it feel like she should have naturally had them from the start~ Yeah... I know what I mean XD

Now for the last bit of commission, I only recently, I say recently I meant tonight finished this one~ I was actually expecting an SD sized head, I should have taken a closer look at it when I searched for it online, but I got a Domuya Venus to work on, and when I pulled her out of the box I was like o_o she's small... what? Like seriously small...

 Blank head~ I at least remembered for this one =D but yush I asked the owner a bit about the head, turns out they are not the first owner, and from what I could see especially after cleaning it, the face itself has been sanded down as well as modded~ So the white areas are actually fresher layers of resin. I just blushed those areas to match the surrounding areas so it was fine and worked out~

This girl was the only one I could actually take in what was left of natural light lol, the weather has been pretty nice lately, albeit really muggy DX that sort of weather isn't very nice for people like me, I get hot really easily. Like in my sleep I get really hot too so muggy weather and rain = not very comfortable Jatzu DX anyway back to the doll~ Oh I forgot to mention that the owner wanted just a natural face-up which is cool with me, cause I've been doing close enough to natural face-ups for my own crew lately~

With the line work, I was a bit worried that I wasn't going to be able to get the line word done well due to the scale of the head,  but luckily I managed and it came out alright n_n as you can see I've used the new style =D again I might trial this on a boy and see if it works out and if so I might just do all my eyebrows like this XD cause I quite like it like that~

One final image to show the scale of the head, I dunno if that helps show it but I reckon it's the size of a Puki? I dunno never painted a Puki so I can't really say hahaha no I reckon Pukifee is bigger then this head, lololol so yer it's defo smaller then Pukifee.

So now moving onto my own stuff~ I recently got a body from K <3 I will be paying her back for that later on and in parts seeing as I don't have that much money to shift XD Ah oh... erm... hm... I might save this for later and tell you guys when it does happen =D nothing like keeping a few secrets to myself kahahahah~ Anyway so what did I do? I got a Luts SDF body, and worked on it, the one I worked on was for Mito, seeing as the poor boy has been waiting forever for his body =x Sorry Mito~ I think I will also be giving Mito an update on his face-up he kinda has one yearly I reckon~ I can try out the new brows on him, he would just stare at me like I was scum for a week and then just live with it cause I gave him a sexy body XD

I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed doing the feet, I've never actually done feet before so it was a lot of fun, and then adding all the small details as well as doing the nails~ I was too scared last time to do detail on Xeren and the nails as well hence why she has colourful nails =x hahahaha but yush it was indeededly fun~ This wasn't the only thing I did though, I gave the body a tattoo. I wanted to draw a Sphinx but I could find any decent reference, well I did find some awesome stuff, but a lot of it wasn't tattoo material or there was no way I was able to draw it DX cause my drawings are crappy hahaha~ But yer I ended up designing this angel cat thing... which is supposedly my take of a Sphinx DX COMPLETE AND UTTER FAIL~!!

Showed the process of it as well, I didn't use black pencil instead I used brown, I want to be able to do much prettier tattoos, but unfortunately I can only draw in anime style, and even when there is reference I'd be a bit fail too DX so yer... pretty tattoos are out of the window for me T^T But on a more happy note I have pictures of Koit on Mito's body cause I did a shower shoot which came out rubbish but I'm sure many will appreciate these two images =D


  1. Your faceups are great, Jatzu, i like them all >___<b

    1. Aww thank you~ I checked out your Mika Mine blog~ It makes me hungry and OMG Rainbow Cake that is amazing~!! Please send come to me~ Hahahahaha~ <3

    2. Ahaha, all i post was about food and bjd. Sorry for make u hungry xD and for the late reply.

    3. Ah no worries~ Also BJD and Food is a great combination, not like to eat together XD But like to be enjoyed together hahaha Cake in one hand, BJD in another =D


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