Zahnda's Wake

So I got someone recently~ It's actually quite weird, cause it doesn't feel like he's mine XD It still feels like he belongs to KB, probably because he's kept the same sounding name but with different spelling, it used to be Xander and now its Zahnda XD CRAZEY~ But and here is the big but, KB has allowed me to keep him the way he is which is awesome of her~ Cause this is the very boy that made me fall in love with Dollshe~ But all of this is probably what makes me think he is still KB's boy XD

Anyway, I just had to take some pictures of him~ I sorta promised myself and KB that I would, so I did kehehehehe and whilst I was at it I also though to try out some photo effects~ Which has worked out pretty well in my opinion~ Here are the pictures~

I personally really like the 3rd picture XD but yush~ This boy still needs some proper clothes and I need to do some character development for him and such. But his clothes will need to wait til I got to LDoll =D as for his full name Zahnda Kon, is "friends" with Mito and Koit~ Which makes them the three douches XD all of them are about money~ Zahnda is also nicknamed Zelda =P