Those who know what OTL is... that is exactly how I feel with myself at the moment hahaha... I have pretty much failed to try and keep up to date with my drawings, I always say I should, but what the hell is the point in saying I should but not actually doing it!!! Yes Jatzu! I'm talking about you! DO MORE DRAWINGS!!! OR YOU'LL SERIOUSLY WASTE ALL THAT HARD WORK!!!! (Although most peeps will say "what hard work?" OTL again... yes... I haven't exactly been working hard *sighs*)

So just to wet your appetite I went through a mini phase of thinking that I should do more costume design, cause man seriously... drawing all these naked bodies is good fun, but who the hell wants naked people?? And also, what's the point in doing movement of the body, but not understanding the movement of the clothes as well?? Get my point?

My drawings have been getting a bit out of style, like I dunno... sometimes I have a really angular style and then other times I have a round style... tis weird, oh before I forget there is one repeat page in there from a previous update, and there are some referenced drawings in the 4th one from Brave10. I really like Kairi Shimotsuki's work, I think she has some really lovely designs and to boot she does really sexy women~ Like really sexy hahaha. I haven't been following Brave10 as much as I should do, but yeah I occasionally go back to it for drawing references, I honestly do like how she draws. I always go back to Miwa Shirow as well, he is just love~ LOLOL but I don't really wanna draw like him, I kinda want to take on how he fills in his blacks, cause that is just a really dramatic way to do it. But in general I think for me well for my style, I work better with simple lines. I want a style which is a mixture of many artists XD well tbh I want my own style, I can't really tell if it's my own or if it looks like someone else's work *shrugs* some people say that it's really distinctive, whilst quite a few say me work looks like Masashi Kishimoto's work (Naruto artist), nothing wrong with that, but I'd rather peeps went "Oh! That's Jatzu's Style!" *Dances to Gangnam Style* Hahahahahaha~ 

There is so much for me to do and improve, so much so I should pull myself up again and work harder, even if it means slaving away at it and getting extremely tired from it. I CAN DO THIS!! ESPECIALLY IF I B&Q IT!!!! *FIST PUMP*