Wow last update was July, I have to admit I've taken a slight hiatus with the doll hobby. Everything is happening a bit too fast and I just needed a break, I'm also having half and half feelings towards certain dolls, and will probably end up selling a few =x So erm... watch this space? Heh I dunno who would be interested but we'll see when it happens eh? Anyway so that was my explanation for being away, yesterday I thought maybe it'd be a good time to just do something dollie wise, so I worked on a couple of personal projects.

I dunno if many people have heard, but there is a company called MakieLab (Link1) and (Link2) it's a UK London based company that produces 10inch pose-able dolls, they kinda remind me of Blyth and Hujoo, but with the extra you can custom create your dolls to how you want them to look, like how the face looks shape wise, eyes, nose, ears, mouth and eyebrows =D you can customise their hands too, so you create a digital version first and then send it to their printers to get it printed with a 3D printer~ Anyone heard of the 3D printing hype? No? Go read about it. I read it in a news paper and there are plentiful of articles online I can't be bothered to filter and link =D being lazy hahahaha

So through a friends recommendation I contacted MakieLab in hope that maybe I could work for them as a face up artist =D they really liked my work, and wanted to meet. But due to my full time job Mon-Fri it was hard for me *sighs* maybe in the near future eh? So I got sent a couple of heads to work on~ Which is great, cause it means I can kinda do a semi review and get a little taste of what it's like to work on a Makie~

So here goes~ first impression when I opened the package. Wow... they're really white... hahaha~

This is just one of the two~ oh and erm... this one is modded, I shall explain in a bit~ But yeah that's how white they are, and they came with eyes too!! I was kinda confused about the eyes haha cause I was like uh oh... the eyes... how do I take them out? I need to take them out to work on the face... and I was fiddling about with it and then it clipped off, and I was like O_o that was relatively easy... why did I not try that first hahahaha. Oh another thing I noticed, I read on someone else's blog that they have a rougher texture, so I kinda just imagined it to have a bit more tooth compared to the resin that I'm used to working with. But no, it's not just more rougher, it has a slight furriness to it, kinda feels like felt. Which means pastels will stick a lot more onto it. It's kinda weird, the head is also thin, but it's really tough. I also tried sanding at it to maybe try and get rid of the furriness, but it made no difference LOL I think I need much coarser sand paper.

Ah to explain the modding, I modded the head a bit to see how it was for modding and damn was it tough T^T I also lost the tip of my craft knife when I was modding the mouth XD you can see it in the picture, a lil black dot where the teeth are... yeah that's my craft knife hahaha. AH!! I almost forgot, I had to shave the eyebrows off... I personally dislike eyebrows molded onto faces. So yeah I got rid =D

So moving onto actually working on the MakieLab doll, it was very different and a bit difficult, cause I couldn't be as heavy handed as I usually am with pastels, but yet I had to really rub at it. It didn't start very well hahaha, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to salvage it DX but I managed to save it phew~ Ah also... the eye scar... it looks really grusome hahahaha not intentional, it's just the way the plastic has been cut into and the texture left by it. Ah... admittedly the lips are really bad... again it's due to the way I modded it, I had smooth and rough plastic and the pastels were sticking more onto the inbetween sections cause they are more raised. As for the eyebrows I managed to cover that with my line work so it doesn't look as bad. But take a look at the pictures and judge for yourself~

Oh I forgot to mention, I added some gold and silver tattoo work. The head has elf ears which I for some reason coloured purple... I dunno what I was trying to achieve there hahaha, but yeah I added some swirly tattoo pattern thing on both sides of the face~ So what do ya think?

I also worked on another doll as well, I got a shot of both the heads next to each other so you can see the difference between them.

So that is MakieLab done~ It was interesting to say the least, I still got one more head, so when I work on that one I'll upload it here as well n_n and I'm gona leave it as is with no modding just to see if that makes any difference, we'll just have to wait and see eh?

Not quite the end yet, you still got a fair bit to read before I do finish kahaha. I still have yet to show you guys what I did with Nakai~ My lovely sleeping boy~ I absolutely love this mold~ Tis so pretty I tell yah! I wanted to give him a natural look due to the nature of his personality being the sleeping boy =D he looks really relistic once given the right shading, so I got a bit creeped out hahahah but tis ok, cause I still love him~

Yush he has freckles~ It's to be expected along with the blushed nose *hearts*
I was worried that his baby blue hair wouldn't suit the face up, maybe I should have done his eyebrows light, but it looks alright, not too bad. Which is a relief cause I like him in that wig~ I'm planning on doing a mini shoot with Nakai later on, so hopefully when and if I do, I will upload the pictures here and share with all~ We all need a bit of Nakai keheheh~