Potter Geek~

So as promised from my last update, there is another one~ I forgot to take pictures of the stages or I might actually have it somewhere *Has a look on the good old comp*

Oh I do have the stages well semi stage XD due to some missing in between ones~

Anyway so on the 1st it was a childhood friend's birthday, I dunno if I should consider  them childhood friend, but I've known her since she was really young, and by the sounds of things she looks up to me, yeah I'm older then her hahahaha~ But she's more my sister's childhood friend cause they've grown up together where as I've been the creep in the corner and watched them both grow up hahaha~

Anyway, she's a massive fan of Harry Potter, more so J.K. Rowling. But Harry Potter is the creation, you get my point. And me old man was like, "What ya gona give her?" My natural response as always is "I dunno..." So he was like draw her a picture of Harry Potter, I want it all to be traditional including the colouring and so on! Then I want to frame it and give it to her~! He got super excited about the whole thing and was like military sergeant with the whole thing, and was constantly on my back about the drawing.

I on the other hand was raking my brain for ideas, at first I was gona have each of us represent a character from the stories, let me explain the five. So there is me (A), then there are my two sisters (B) and (C). Then there is the childhood friend (D) and her sister (E). As said already (B) and (C) are similar in age so are more so childhood friends, then there is (D) and (E) they too are similar in age and are childhood friends. Yes... I'm the odd one *sighs* I'm the one whose oddly not old enough but not young enough and stuck in the middle... So yeah that makes five. I was gona be like you can be Harry and so on, but then I was like none of our personalities really match the characters, so instead of that I drew the five of us as part of Hogwarts, and in order for this to kinda work I threw the age system out of the window and just went with it.

I cheated a bit, drew it in blue scanned it in, made it bigger, changed the opacity printed it and then inked it~ I drew it quite small originally, unfortunately that's the way I draw, I can draw big but I end up losing quite a bit of the detail. Well not losing, I just don't have the brain to fill in all that space T^T I muffed up on someone's hand, drew it the wrong way round... I was sat for a while thing why the hell does that hand not look right and then it struck me... FUUUUU!!! IT'S THE WRONG WAY ROUND JATZU YOU IDIOT! But yeah, my printed also decided that it wanted to add it's own artistic touches by spluttering all over the paper T^T didn't matter how many times I printed it... I got the same result.

But yeah, all traditional, it lacks in shading I know~ I tend to erm... not shade when I work with markers cause I don't work fast enough for it =X you need to be able to blend them and everything, I used to be able to, but these days I'm really slow and get distracted so easily =P But I tried to make up for that with the inking~ Which again lacks so much, I don't ink that often, I tend to just paint over my pencil drawings, cause I like the effect it gives~ Pencil lines and digital colouring~ Me old man had to point out that the picture looked bland... yes I know... but it's hard when the uniform is GREY! Not much I can do with that, yes I could have redesigned the uniform and all, -BUT- the childhood friend really sticks by the original story, so the best thing to do was to keep to it~ Anyway hopefully I will have more things to update with and not just sketches~ I've taken a break from everything including dolls, but I  think it's time to pick it up again~