Commissions To Share

So after doing that last update I kicked myself into gear and updated a lot of my threads, and not so long after that I got quite a few commissions which is good~ means I'm not as bad as I think I am XD

So today I'll just be doing the regular face up commissions update n_n

So first up, I got commissioned to do three heads by one owner. She didn't really give me a full on description but did give me a rough idea, so I pretty much when with the flow. There aren't any WIP shots =x cause I for me, once I know what I'm doing I like getting on with it, having to stop and start and to stop and start again is annoying for me @_@ LOL

So first up~

Aidoll Petit Ai Nanael, he was cute~ although lacking a bit in the lip department, so I had to be really careful not to overdo them @_@ but yeah the owner wanted just simple and natural, and not too heavy on the blushing, so that is what I did n_n

Next up is a 5stardoll Ryan in Tan, again all I got was what nationality this boy was, Moroccan =D So I went for a darkish smokey kinda look kehehehe~

And last but not least from this lot was a Kid Delf Cherry Elf in Tan, and OMG was she bloody darn cute~ I dunno why I've never seen her around before, but yush~ Immediately she was on my so happy to have worked on list, so thank you so much for letting me work on her~ n_n

And then finally I shall finish this off with.... A Dollshe Bernard~ TADAA~ I have love hate with this sculpt, I dunno... I mean I like KB's boy and a few others that are out there, but there are some that just don't really take my fancy... I think it's the lips, the way some people do the lips.... yeah.... anyway, here is my try on this boy~ The owner wanted a tired and ill-ish look, which was easily achieved cause of the way the eyes are sculpted underneath, it had the ridges/makings of tired eyes~ Kehehehe~

So there you have it~ That's all the updates done, hopefully I'll have more to update you guys with, I was planning to close for Christmas, but yeah... I don't even think that can happen hahaha~ Oh well roll on the sleigh bells~!!