Ok, so recently I have been seriously slacking, not on the work front, but more so on the updating front =P I was gona update this blog right after updating my art one, but I thought noo... I kinda want to let that one have it's shine for a bit before this one. Seeing as this one has more views =P

Anyway, what have I been up to on the dollie front. Well lets see, I took on more commissions and then had to close for the Christmas season cause a lot of things were piling on top and I couldn't get it done, still is and with the added seasonal illness to boot. But- all is well, as I shall be re-opening my commissions on the 27th December~ Ah I also traded my Dollshe Saint for a CP Delf Miyu~ The trade went smoothly which is all good =D I shall go more into detail about her as I go further along this blog.

So what's first? Commissions? Alright Hmm... Back track, so the last commission I shared with you was the Dollshe Bernard, which means the next one I did was dum dum dum~ Dollshe Saint XD

For those who have followed my face ups for some time (and I thank all those that have done~ because you know I just love you all) will notice that I rarely do dark face ups, and even when I do they're not all that dark either. So you will probably say that this is the darkest I'm done by far =D and you know what? I quite like it, the eyebrows I think I got down to almost perfection. Now why can't I do eyebrows like that all the time?? I have the occasionally good but oh so often bad ones hahahah~ But yush so that is it XD surprisingly this was the last commission I took before I closed for Christmas, so hopefully when I re-open I will be able to share more of my work with you.

Which now means I move onto more personal works, lets see... Ah right! Yush~! I re-did Mito's face up =D I've been meaning to give him an update. So when I had the spare time and I was bored I re-did it. He isn't as red as he used to be, I toned it down a bit, not that it was intentional, it was just that I used a different type of red. So yeah~ I think he still looks just as good n_n and of course his signature red nose is still with him too~

Ah also a while back, I bought some Obsidius fantasy hands. At one point I was dead set on bringing an Obsidius back in bits, I got the legs first, then the hands and then I got the head as well. And well all I had left was the body to buy in, but in the end I was like... I don't need an Obsidius as pretty as he may be, so yeah... now I have all the odd parts hahahaha I need to do up that head and then sell on. So if anyone is interested in purchasing themselves an Obsidius Fantasy head you know who to contact XD Anyway, when I bought those hands, I originally wanted to give them to Mito, then my plan fell through due to body changes and so forth. But, then I put Mito back onto the Souldoll body, which I have to say most definitely suits him better then it does Mu Chan (sorry Mu Chan, I know you're just a floating head at the moment, but give me some time and you shall be complete again~), which then meant that Mito could have the hands again like I originally planned, and OMG do they suit him or what? I was surprised to how well it works XD

Oh how I love you Mito~ He's coming back to being my favourite hahaha~ Yeah... I play favouritism and I think Mito is always gona win, cause he's pretty much my grail doll =x And he's the only one whose been complete for the longest, I mean he's had changes along the way, but he is the one whose been with me the longest hahaha. Anyway, moving on swiftly. I have also had other new additions, which I will update on at a later date, because there is a shoot I have to do in order to introduce them. Also quickly I shall also introduce Fen~ I haven't worked on this boy yet, I need/want to bring in his body before I do anything with him.

So now I move onto what I would say the finally XD As I mentioned at the start, I traded Zahnda my Dollshe Saint for a Delf Miyu. I wasn't bonding with the poor boy, so the best thing for me to do was to give him a new home. Tis the least I could do, he was most definitely a lovely boy, and I had fun with the one shoot I did do with him, but just the fact that he was 70CM really bugged me. The major thing that stopped me from bonding with him. But yush, I traded him and so now I have a new girl. I've currently named her Strawberry cause of her hair colour XD

I re-did her face up, and also did a small shoot with her. As you will have noticed... I do a lot of the shoots on my table XD it's cause my light is there and makes it easier to capture the dolls, but yeah my pictures are getting to be all the same *sighs* sorry. I will need to try and go out there and do better shoots. Need to find the place and time, however my on the table shoot will have to do for now.

So there you have it~ All of my updates~! I will hopefully be back and running with more updates after the Christmas Season. Anyway I wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR~!!


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