Happy New Year

EDIT: The boy has now been sold n_n Thank you~

First post of the year~

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year~ Hope you all spent it well with family and friends n_n and may the new year bring you more wondrous and eventful moments~

So what have I got here? I've got some news? LOL I dunno if you would be consider it news, but either way, I'm selling Recco's shell, Crobidoll Yeon Ho Head~ I re-did his face up, I didn't want to initially, I was going to sell him as is cause the scaring that Panda did for me ages ago was so well done, it was a shame to wipe it. However, the scaring is essentially his character, so I couldn't sell that as well T^T So I wiped him and redid the face up.

Right for all the lovely info part:

Crobidoll Yeon Ho Head Only - $150 (not including shipping)
- I am the first owner, bought him directly from Crobidoll in 2009
-  He has no yellowing as far as I can tell, has only been out a few times (Can count the amount on two hands XD)
- Has a face up by me =D
- I will only take paypal payments (I don't charge PP fees)
If you're interested please e-mail me at jatzulam[at]hotmail[dot]com

I do like this sculpt and his "Do I look like I care?" look hahaha, tis why I bought him home, but me and KB mused at the thought of an older looking Recco, and that is probably what bought this on. The style of my dolls are changing, I'm starting to go for dolls that look a bit older. Hahaha, I think some sorta inner desire is coming out XD


  1. Wow! Beautiful face up! You've got a great talent, that you've done it by yourself!!!


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