Yes, yes I know. Jatzu has been a very bad person, with the lack of updates. I am sorry, truly. Just yeah, I'd be lying if I said I was really busy. I mean yes I have been busy, but not enough to excuse myself from updating. So what have I been up to? I've been getting quite busy on the dollie side of things, new incomings and more face up work~ *heart*

I need a soppy moment here hahaha~ I wanna say thank you to the peeps who have been watching and supporting me, because it's been great getting such good feedback and I'm really a low self esteem artist. So yush~ Thank you and I LOVE YOU ALL *throws hearts out*

So yush, what is it that I've been working on? Well funnily enough I've been working on some very different dolls~

I don't think I have gotten these in the right order, but I think I worked on this lovely Crobidoll Ho Bin first~ I love Crobidoll n_n even though I sold my Yeon Ho, they are still one of my favourite companies, I just think their sculpts are very prettiful~ And maybe in the near future I'll own one again, but for now I shall stick to oogling @_@

Just a very natural up n_n was referencing off of G-Dragon XD I know it looks nothing like him but yeah, it gave me a good idea of what the owner wanted~

Next would be the DIM Sweet Aria *heart* she has such lovely lips, so it was a nice surprise when she arrived to me, I had so much fun working on her and I think I've pretty much fallen for the sculpt hahahaha~

The owner had actually sent me a drawing to work from and that made things very easy for me, as I could see what she wanted and all I had to do was translate it onto the doll, and in my opinion it worked very well n_n and the purple was not a bad choice at all either~

For the same owner I also worked on some hands~ I really like working on hands XD cause of all the details that I can put into them~ Just makes it all worth while, I think I have way too much fun with this hahahahaha~!

Very delicate and elegant~

Next I worked on a pair of very cute girls~ Both for the same owner =3 an Angell Studio Leira and a CP Luts Juri 06. For the Leira girl, the owner wanted the same as the factory up but wanted less pink on the lips, because that was what she didn't like about the original. Which I can understand because I'm not too big on overdone lips =3= as for the Juri 06, her name was Nuppu which means Flower Bud, so she wanted a bright face up which was nice =D because I haven't done those in a while hahahah~!

I didn't mention I was asked to blush match the Juri girl, but it was hard without a reference, so instead I lightened her skin tone a bit, which took almost forever. I feel sorry for whoever has to take that face up off cause there is probably around 20 gazillion layers XD

And lastly I have a Doll Leaves Dora~ She was my first Pierrot style, and I think it was interesting to work with =D She's also the first that I did a mock drawing for, I've only done that for tattoos just to get an idea of where to place it, I also have a better idea of how to work it as well once I've done it once =P

So that's all the face ups so far, currently working on a tanned Bernard, but I'm not actually very happy with how he's turned out so I think I will be re-doing him *sighs* he's not too dark a tan but it's still a very hard tone to work with. *sigh* Hopefully I'll be able to get it right, my brain is just trying to figure out how to go about it XD I also have a whole load coming in for me to work on as well, one I'm especially excited about because... well... I'll just say because it's bulletsbanq [Flickr . Tumblr] hahahaha that's it! That's all I'm saying XD

Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ~!!!! Did you think that was it?? LOL oh no~ You lucky things get to see more XD I recently got a new boy =x he wasn't really intentional but it was a should I? Should I not? and I went with the I should XD So bad, oh so so so so bad. But, as most will know I sold Recco, and decided to replace him with a different shell, and I think I'm in love XD

Phwaor! Would you look at that?? I had these up as teaser pictures, but since then I've let the cat out of the bag XD My new boy is a Volks F38~ *hearts* He actually came with a lovely face up, but it was too innocent for my liking, and it didn't really suit Recco's personality. So unfortunately I had to redo it, I played around with eyebrows for this one, and well it came out really well and I'm actually fairly proud with it =3

I changed the placement of the scars I think it works better this way for this sculpt, but I was worried that I wasn't going to get it right~ Luckily it didn't come out too bad =D Some serious hearts going on here XD but yush I have one final image tis a a low res one unfortunately, but will do the trick for now until I can get better pictures of him~