Getting Old

Happy Birthday to me~

Lol did a small shoot~ Not gona say much hahaha~

Jatz: ... What the...

 Jatz: Hmmm....

Jatz: Couldn't he have at least put it into a neat pile?

Jatz: Awww Dedums~ He's forgiven~

Jatz: Re Re~
Recco: ...mmmm...

Recco: Go...away...

Recco: Eugh!! Why? I was up late working!! Why?

Recco: I'm going to kill you...

Recco: Why me?
Jatz: Cause everyone else will kill me T^T
Recco: What makes you think I wouldn't?? 
You're forgetting what I work as!!

Recco: Waking up a hitman... You really have some guts.

Jatz: Pffttt! You have bed head 
Recco: Leave it!
Recco: Hand me my pants!

Recco: Hand it!

Recco: No! Not that!

Recco: You could have woken someone else up! 
But you chose me! You stupid human!
Jatz: T^T 
 Recco: Where's Toki?

Jatz: Upstairs sleeping.
Recco: Good.

Jatz: Are you leaving me?
Recco: Yes. I won't get disturbed if I'm with Toki.
Jatz: T^T

Recco: Jatz.
Jatz: Yes~?
Recco: Happy Stinking Birthday...
Jatz: =D

Jatz: Need any help?
Recoo: No. I can do human stairs just fine.
Jatz: Kekekeke~

These last three pictures are of the LLT Roderich head I got yesterday =D He is absolutely lovely~ I really like the whole I don't really care look hahahaha~ All my dolls are going to start looking like that XD


  1. That is a very cute photostory!!! :D He looks so alive! Great job on these photos!


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