So right, since I did that last shoot things have been really hectic. I have an overflow of work. This week has been even more so, doing full time, then helping at the family take away then coming home to work on commissions, I'm all burnt out seriously T^T I just wanna rest but like all I really wanna do is sleep *sighs* I shall rest fully tonight cause it's the weekend hell yeah~!!

So I honestly really do have loads to upload and share, so I shall get started on them =D

First up is this Unidoll Chabi, the owner had done a home dye on this little one so I had to be careful as not to take off too much of the dye when working on her~ I actually blushed her over a bit just to add a bit more colour =D But yeah she was quite cute~

Next is a Bambicrony Sisley, admitted I think she's really cute, with her lil chubby cheeks and all~ I think the colours worked out really well on her and so did the line work =D So I'm pretty proud of this lil one n_n

Creedy Gorgeous, I ain't gona lie to you... I didn't like the sculpt when it was blank, the lips were kinda creepy @_@ but once they're painted up and all, it doesn't look as bad and well makes her kinda sweet~ It's actually made me appreciate the shape of her lips more. I quite like the shape of them =D

And lastly for this client a DOD Shiny Petsha~ I'd been wanting to work on a DOD again =D so was more then happy to have had her on the list, I gave her a lil heart hehehe I thought it would suit her and the owner was fine with it too~ But a very pink and freckly set of heads =D

Another client wanted me to work on a 5 Stardoll Mia, she looks a lot like a Lati. I even thought it was a Lati for a while until the owner told me otherwise LOL! Her ears were very cute~ She was also a very cute lil grumpy one to work on~ Bless her =D

Yay~ I got to work on some more hands~ I do enjoy doing hands =D It's a bit of a challange but once you get them done and dusted they look so realistic~ I think manicures and pedicures are the parts that I am most proud of cause of how realistic I can make them look~ I just have way too much fun with them XD

Soom Romantic Dillui, bless her lil sweet face. I did her eyebrows a bit wrong at first, the owner asked me to change them so I did and I made them better for her XD before she had this really cutesy kinda look, I have to be careful I think I'm doing eyebrows way too high. So I need to actually stop and look at the face shape a bit longer to make sure I don't do them too high up. Also why I do the eyebrows last on a face up, because they require a bit more concentration compared to the rest of the face =P

I am so close having to have worked with almost all of the dollshe sculpts~ I think there are only about 4-5 left till I have done my fair share of them XD Orijean is a very alien like sculpt to me, so the fact that I managed to make them look even a bit normal is quite a feat for me hahahah, I'm also liking the freckles that I've done for them~ Makes their faces look a bit more realistic. I'm also trying to work towards more realistic face ups. I've also decided that I won't be doing lines on the lips anymore, I can't seem to get it right hahah~ I may change my mind, but I think it would be ok to just blush them and leave them as they are =D

And to finish off, a Pipos Tomo~ So damn cute~ The client wanted a very anime look for this lil one and a simple smile =D I had fun~ First time working on green resin~ It was nice, the colours came out nicely as well. Hopefully in the future I'd be commissioned for more coloured resin aesthetic work.

I have a bunch of other commissions that I'm working on at the moment, ah~! Before I forget I have also started a facebook page [LINK] You can follow all of my WIP and I'll also upload some final work images up on there, just yeah you'll get more regular updates then you do here hahaha~ But with here I like to bulk upload~ I also apologise if this entry doesn't make much sense, my brain is running on empty so I'm too lazy to double check my grammar and spelling and what nots XD So yush until next time~